Tuesday, 26 February 2013

In which you seek, I explain, and we both try to understand

Sunset at the Helm

In another world the Dream Pedlar goes by the name Ann. She has a longer name, which, if you are keen to know, she can scribble on a piece of paper with a personal note for you, fold the paper and put it in a bottle, which will then be tightly corked and wired and thrown into the seven seas, in the hope it will wash up on your shores some day.

Meanwhile, she will post a new tale on this site every Wednesday and Saturday. Each trick from my hat is a photograph conjured by demesne (unless credited otherwise) and a little tale the Dream Pedlar pulls out of her hat when she runs out of rabbits. 

This is an endeavour to make good art and share it with the world.

This the only way the Dream Pedlar can state the objective of this blog and encapsulate her chief inspirations in a single sentence. 

Endeavour - from the fictional character Inspector Morse created by British author Colin Dexter; Morse as well as John Edward Thaw, CBE, who portrayed the character in the eponymous television series. 

Make Good Art - Neil Gaiman’s 2012 commencement address at the University of the Arts.  

Erin Morgenstern's flax-golden tales that inspired me to seek stories in pictures, and her debut novel The Night Circus, reading which is like being in a very beautiful dream.

And finally Amanda Palmer’s TED talk - The art of asking - which brought it all together for the Dream Pedlar.

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