Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Wedding of The Tin Soldier and The Paper Ballerina

The Wedding of The Tin Soldier and The Paper Ballerina - Image courtesy of PrettyHowTown

Dear Santa,

After years of simply loving her from a distance, the tin soldier has finally asked the paper ballerina out and the two of them are quite the couple now. 

Happiest about this is the cat who has been practising playing the fiddle and he intends to give what he hopes would be a stellar performance when the wedding bells ring next year.

We intend to invite Her Most Gracious Majesty and we hope she will grace us with her presence at the wedding but the ballerina is worried that a last minute incident could prevent the royalty from attending, and so she insisted on having a backup. So the frog has been practising hard at shape-shifting and she can now turn into a gorgeous princess at the snap of a finger. 

We do have a (real) princess in our midst but she has been very upset that the tin soldier fell in love with the ballerina and not with her. We think it would be cruel to invite her to the wedding. But that is not to say she is bitter about it all. She has promised to stitch dresses for all of us to wear to the wedding. 

But she has also secretly planned to leave town the night before the wedding, and the cow has promised he will let her ride on his back that night as he jumps over the moon. They say there is a man on the moon waiting for her. 

And all this, we promise, will be no trouble at all to the family that lives in the house. We do not really know who they are for during the day we lie quietly on top of one another in the dusty, old shoe-box tucked under silver-grey cobwebs in the darkest corner of the forgotten cupboard under the rickety stairs. We troop out only at night after everyone has fallen asleep and slip back into the shoebox without a noise before the first light of dawn.

The only trouble is the tin soldier and the ballerina have no other home to go to after their wedding. So, dear Santa, when you sail through the chimney this December, could you please gift them a doll-house this Christmas?

Yours obediently,
The Blue Doll

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